Smart and seamless integration

The pace of innovation in Talent Acquisition {TA} is moving at such a rapid pace that many companies can’t keep up. Just as companies acquire the latest technologies or invest in the newest techniques, something new takes over and these “new” strategies become stale. Our all-in-one solution manages the many moving parts of TA to ensure companies can seamlessly keep up with TA innovation. We focus on effortless integration and building an optimal technology platform and TA services suite using what you have to get what you need.

Levels of involvement

Our offering is structured to guide you to level 2 and 3 with innovation-rich processes and tools that integrate with your legacy systems and master data.

  1. LEVEL 1

    At the moment you are finding yourself with a standard system that was acquired and implemented for compliance and standardisation. This system supports core transactions and it’s how you run your day to day operations.

  2. LEVEL 2

    Now you start entering an area of differentiation – think better systems and better ideas that will give you edge over competition and allow you to get sought after skills into your organisation. This is where we become involved, showing you how to improve your level 1 using unique capabilities.

  3. LEVEL 3

    This level is our playing field, and it’s here where we get to innovate, push, exceed, experiment, and come up with ideas that will form the basis of future success and TA innovation.

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Innovate, but still easy to integrate

Our all-in-one platform will manage your total TA process; this includes managing your employees, your recruitment process, the candidate experience, and the hiring manager experience. Data flow is flawless and sharp, analytics are real-time and custom, usability is simple and modern, and integration is swift and seamless.

Your current candidate data problem:

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Platform-as-a-Service for HR technology

TA innovation is critical to business success, and a unified platform is the key to make it happen. HR technology is becoming more and more complex, and that’s why a simple, all-in-one solution that easily integrates with existing legacy systems is an essential part of TA today.