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Attractive job ads get immediate attention; with jobspace you will convert browsers into applicants. A jobspace ad details the role, tells your business story, and shows what it’s like to work at your company. Jobspace is a powerful tool for employers that lets them give future employees the information they need to click apply. The way you hire is an immediate reflection of your brand, and by offering data-rich, smart, easy to use ads, you are giving the candidate experience the attention it deserves.

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jobspace: get started

Step 1

We start with a rewrite of your job spec to make it flow with the jobspace look and feel. This happens with the involvement and insights of your hiring manager and team members to supply comments, voice clips, and insights into the company culture and team setup. All these bits of info ensure a transparent, data-rich jobspace ad that offers a snapshot into what a future employee can expect.

Step 2

The next step will see the launch and integration process take shape. We offer seamless integration with most Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

We offer training for your hiring manager and relevant staff.

Step 3

Publishing and distribution is key. We will use the right channels to share your job ad, branded with your logo to all relevant and major job websites, as well as a custom Facebook campaign. It’s about getting the right talent engaging with your ad, and we know where the good candidates are and what they are looking for when making a next career step.

Step 4

Keeping track of candidate engagement is next. This is where the hiring team gets to work, think screening, selecting, setting up interviews, making use of rejection templates, and many more features. A jobspace ad creates an immediate collaborative dynamic within a hiring team, that means more transparency, more insights, and a better way of handling the recruitment process.

Step 5

Because we control the process from creation to hiring we can use these end-to-end data insights to see where your applicants come from, how long they engage with the site, where they click, etc. We will also be able to track social media performance, recruitment performance, and conduct a satisfaction survey from both the candidate’s and hiring manager’s points of view. This means improved analytics for future campaigns visible from a custom jobspace dashboard accessible to the whole team.

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jobspace: features

Tells your company story.
Looks attractive and gets attention.
Gives the hiring manager a direct voice to the candidate.
Showcases the team dynamic and culture.
Makes it easy for applicants to want to join a high performing team.
Ensures job and company transparency.
Makes the job ad a data-rich experience.
Involves all the hiring team members making it a collaborative effort.
Puts your ad in front of the right talent.
Acts as an assistant to the HR department.
Gives accurate and valuable analytics to build even better future campaigns.

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jobspace: packages

All jobspace packages are worked out according to 1 job ad.
Prices will vary depending on number of job ads.

Package 1


  • 3 jobspace pages

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Package 2


  • 3 jobspace pages
  • Job Ad Campaign

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Package 3


  • 3 jobspace pages
  • Job Ad Campaign
  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • ATS

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Package 4


  • 3 jobspace pages
  • Job Ad Campaign
  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • ATS
  • Facebook Campaign

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