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Processes and FAQs

Our billing works on a cost per lead. So whether you make 1 or 5 or 10 placements, you only pay for the leads we deliver.
This is subject to the position/s you are trying to fill but on average we believe that 200 leads will give you 1 or multiple hires.
This is a possibility but if you supply us with names and candidates you have in the process, we can make sure to exclude them from the list. We are likely to uncover a large percentage of people that hasn't applied to you yet.
This various per role but on average we work on R250 per lead.
You complete a scope of work form with all the job details and we verify the information with a 15 - 20 min 1-on-1 session. After that we take 48 hours to produce the 1st 10 leads and once you approve them, we get you the rest.
We use a mix of technology, data and human skill to screen all available databases to combine information and build relevant profiles for your company. Its time consuming work but we leverage technology to help us deliver information rich profiles to you.
It is a possibility that market conditions can create a situation where no hire is made. In these uncommon situation we have services that could convert your leads into hires.
We start every sourcing/search assignment from scratch using our technology and skills to find the latest information or build on the data we have to refresh the data and upgrade the lead quality.
This largely depends on the role and market your want to make a hire from. On average our ratios will give you 15 conversations from 200 leads leading to 5 - 7 leads into the interview stage resulting in 1 or multiple hires.
On average it takes 12-14 days to convert the leads into interviews or conversations.

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You will always have candidates when you need them.

Your hiring teams and internal recruiters can focus on candidate experience and converting interested candidates. Or you can waste your teams time by trying to figure out Boolean searches.

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