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We generate qualified candidates to fill your talent pipeline in 2 weeks.

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Finding the talent you need is hard.

If only you had access to talent interested to work with you. Enter Assisted Sourcing

Screening through CV’s, your ATS and databases takes time.

Assisted Sourcing is designed for internal
recruitment teams and hiring managers

Its custom built and tailor-made for you. 2 weeks of sourcing and research, 25 profiles per day. We will also contact the candidates on your behalf.
You pay for the leads, not for the placements

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How it works

Schedule a 1-on-1 workshop and tell us what you need. It’s free, we will even give you the first 10 profiles to keep. get your free profiles
Calibrate and tell us if we are on the right track. We supply initial list within 48 hours, you tells if we on the right track. Schedule a call
We source 25 profiles per day for 2 weeks and contact them on your behalf and supply you with interested available and ready to interview candidates. Get started

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You will always have candidates when you need them.

Your hiring teams and internal recruiters can focus on candidate experience and converting interested candidates. Or you can waste your teams time by trying to figure out Boolean searches.

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