Webinar Recording: How to start winning at the candidate experience

I ran a webinar earlier this week talking about the candidate experience and why it’s important for companies to focus on what candidates want from an application process.

The purpose of the webinar was to get the point across that skilled people (the ones that will drive your business forward) is a scarce commodity and needed to be treated as such.

I focussed on the touch points and the stages and moments that matter in the hiring process. These stages are:

  • Attract Stage – Candidates become aware of your opportunity
  • Application Stage – they have seen enough and want to apply
  • Interview Stage – probably your best opportunity to impress
  • Offer Stage – get it done quickly. Speed is essential

The webinar is 31 minutes and you can get the final recap slides just below the video player.


I hope you enjoy the content – as always, if you want to chat regarding any of the services and products email me on wp@hashtagtalent.com

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