My top 10 tools for 2016 – What our team used this year

2016 was a  year of testing and using tools to help our team at Hashtagtalent have more 1 on 1 conversations with candidates. Tools that helped to build our candidate pipeline. Here is a list of the most useful ones that had significant impact this year:

  1. LinkedIn Recruiter
    • Probably the most obvious on the list but argue all you want, LIR still is value for your recruitment tech spend. It allowed us to benchmark our email experiments with Inmail conversions trying to improve our response and success rates. With only about 20% of LinkedIn’s registered users being active daily on the platform, engagement and using it as a communication tool is not always that successful. We managed to move 6000 passive people onto our DB so it was a successful year of using LIR.
  2. PersistIQ
    • What we learned in 2016 is that regular communication (with relevant content) via email outperformed any other medium. Timing in recruitment is very important and PersistIQ was our best comms tool for creating workflows and facilitating conversation when candidates was ready to have them. It allowed us to add the human element to an otherwise bulk, unpersonalised communication medium that is email.
  3. Smartrecruiters
    1. Without a doubt the star of 2016 – we had 100% hiring manager adoption which is a massive win for any talent acquisition process. In a quick staff survey at Hashtagtalent – all our consultants voted Smartrecruiters as the favourite tool of 2016.
  4. Mailchimp
    • Another mailing tool – we send 125,000 emails in the last 6 months communicating our clients value to potential candidates. Easy to use, great reporting and integrates with pretty much any other tool or CRM you need.  
  5. BlockSpring
    • This one takes some time to figure out but a powerful tool when you do. Scraping data into a usable formats using API’s and building company lists of people, keeping tabs on events and tweets to see what your candidates are talking about. Well worth the investment in figuring it out – will save you countless hours.
  6. Hunter
    • Finding people is the easy part – getting contact details still takes time and Hunter makes that task a little easier. Helps you get emails from LinkedIn profiles and web details. Very useful combining with Blockspring mentioned in point 5
  7. Rapportive
    • Display other social profiles in your Gmail. Very useful for building full 360 profiles of candidates you want to recruit and contact.
  8. Slack
    • Our team is spread across India, UK, Johannesburg and Cape Town and its become our #1 communication tool doing away with unnecessary emails. Integrations with our email, phone and other project management tools we use makes it a great tool.  
  9. Skillmeter
    • With one of our projects in India, we needed a flexible assessment tool and the guys at Skillmeter was phenomenally accommodating in our requests. We built custom assessments including video interviews that integrated with Smartrecruiters, our ATS. This allowed us to build an automated funnel system of sourcing people to apply to assessment to 1st interview without any involvement from our recruiters. This saved us months on our volume hiring projects.
  10. Facebook Search by Shane McCusker
    • This year was the first time in 3 years we achieved consistent hires of FB. From ad campaigns to sourcing, this is the platform that will set your Talent Strategy apart in 2017. Its got scale, 1.7 Billion people use it daily and its worth the investment. Shane McCusker and his FB search tool (Chrome extension) made finding information really easy without needing to understand the complex FB URL structure.

These were the tools that had most impact on our 2016 year, what was yours?  

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