The Story Of Frank Eliason

April 15, 2014 7:44 am | Leave your thoughts

He is a real person
That’s the secret
Frank Eliason has been featured on the front page of The New York Times, on television, and online about a million times. Frank is the online face of Comcast Cable, the occasionally loved, frequently hated cable behemoth.
Frank figured out that angry customers were often using Twitter to vent their rage about Comcast and their service or lack thereof.
One day Frank tweeted back
He showed up. Not because it was in the manual or because someone told him to, but because he wanted to help. It was a gift, not his job.

Seth Godin, Linchpin



Talent acquisition has changed so much over the last 12 months and it’s probably the most exciting part of the HR portfolio. No longer do we have to build a candidate profile by only looking at their CV. We can search their Facebook profile, look at their tweets, read their LinkedIn endorsements, follow their check-ins and browse their Pinterest boards. Never have we been able to put together a more complete profile on candidates than ever before. But where does that leave human interaction? Is it still important to pick up the phone and actually call someone? Is it still needed? We know everything already, surely a call is a waste of time? Absolutely not! Human interaction, connecting with someone, listening to their situation and asking them questions IRL will always trump a tweet and beat a whatsapp. Combine the two and you’ve a modern way of recruiting that will put you miles in front of the rest.

Take this as an example. A graphic designer applies for a freelance position with a large retail group. The application process is run through their ATS. The graphic designer uploads his CV and portfolio after which he gets asked a few questions to “weed” out the unwanted applications. One of the questions is: “Do you have a qualification from AAA or Red Yellow?” He answers “no”, because he actually has a degree in art from a leading university (take nothing away from AAA or Red Yellow). So without him knowing he gets pushed out by the tech because he has a degree and not a diploma. Seems silly right? Losing top talent because of badly executed questions.

Educate and enable your team to not hide behind technology – don’t surrender all your power to the ATS. Empower them to think savvy, read CV’s and call candidates. In the Talent Acquisition space, new skills like sourcing, digital marketing and branding are essential for a team to execute a modern recruitment strategy. Your team needs to look different and work different. And this means combining technology and social recruitment with real interaction and relationship building. Put a name and face to an email address, give out the real numbers of your recruiters, better yet use their BBM pins and whatsapp profiles.


As a recruiter or any person in the talent acquisition space, I hope someday you will stop hiding behind your applicant tracking system and technology and show up, tell that applicant why he should apply for the job . Sell your culture, your work and your brand.


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