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A complete talent acquisition service that helps you attract the best talent to your business. Whatever the size of your company or the demand of your recruitment strategy, we believe that every facet of talent acquisition is an opportunity to build your brand and create something great.

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Our spectrum of talent acquisition expertise offers solutions for recruitment strategies, job ad branding, technology and software, candidate experience and engagement, and hiring success stories.


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  • Hiring
  • Pipeline
  • Talent Data


  • Employer Branding
  • Transparency
  • Talent Engagement
  • Recruitment Campaigns


  • Global Technology
  • ATS Software
  • Candidate Experience
  • Hiring Manager Assistance
  • Integration

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Success stories in Talent Acquisition innovation.


Insights, ideas, and input for HR professionals on Talent Acquisition.


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5 ways to hire better tech talent

How do you go about hiring the best engineers and developers when there are countless openings but not enough people to fill them? Hiring for technology openings is an extremely hard task at the moment, due to the fact that average engineers or developers can probably pick and choose where they want to go –… View Article


Webinar Invite: 6 June, 2017 – You are who you hire

You Are Who You Hire. It’s just that simple and just that important. That’s why SmartRecruiters puts so much effort into creating an experience that engages candidates, increases collaboration for a better quality hire, and builds tools to make recruiters more effective. Date: Tuesday, 6 June 2017 Time: 9:30am In this webinar we will focus on: Creating… View Article


India Jobs

These jobs are currently available in India


Webinar Recording: How to start winning at the candidate experience

I ran a webinar earlier this week talking about the candidate experience and why it’s important for companies to focus on what candidates want from an application process. The purpose of the webinar was to get the point across that skilled people (the ones that will drive your business forward) is a scarce commodity and… View Article


Recruit Better Than “Good Enough”

Hiring the best people for the job is a team sport that involves not only HR and Talent Acquisition, but just as importantly, it also has to involve the Hiring Managers and their teams. Over the past 8 years we have all seen the markets swing from employers being in total control with plenty of… View Article


My top 10 tools for 2016 – What our team used this year

2016 was a  year of testing and using tools to help our team at Hashtagtalent have more 1 on 1 conversations with candidates. Tools that helped to build our candidate pipeline. Here is a list of the most useful ones that had significant impact this year: LinkedIn Recruiter Probably the most obvious on the list… View Article


The Reality of Hashtags

When Vogue magazine put Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on its April cover, fashion’s purebred spewed their disbelief in editor Anna Wintour’s tacky tabloid choice. But while the haters hated, we saw something else that appeared on the same cover that demanded our opinion – a HASHTAG. This underrated compass of the digi-times is mostly… View Article


Job Titles | The Honest Truth

  If the Ricky Gervais movie “The Invention of Lying” was our reality, these job titles would probably appear in most companies. Via here.